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Dean McDermott threatens divorce: Tori Spelling gone too far shaming husband?

Dean McDermott is threatening divorce from wife, Tori Spelling, according to a new report released the day of their reality show premiere of "True Tori." RadarOnline reveals April 22 that Dean is tired of his wife publicly shaming him for his alleged affair with Emily Goodhand while he was in Canada late last year.

A source told the celebrity news site, “Dean has finally had enough and he is tired of Tori playing the victim,." The insider said Dean did cheat on Tori, but she "played a role in where their marriage was when that happened." Since then Tori has "railed on Dean" and now he's "had it" to the point that he's threatening her with divorce.

Another reason why Dean McDermott is threatening Tori Spelling with divorce has to do with his concern about their four children someday watching the show. In the latest preview clips of "True Tori," the two are sitting with their therapist discussing how their marriage has fallen apart over their sex life.

The source said Spelling thinks she's the one who has say when and if they do get a divorce, but it should come as no surprise if McDermott goes through with it first!

EOnline, in addition to multiple media sources, reported on the possible Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling divorce. In one promo clip from "True Tori," McDermott admits sex is basically his "drug" by saying:

"I'm insatiable. Sex was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol."

How will this all go down when "True Tori" airs and will Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling end up getting a divorce? It's not looking too good for this Hollywood pair.

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