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Dean McDermott's suicide attempt was only a hallucination caused by drugs

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Tori Spelling needs to hike up the ratings on her TV reality show, "True Tori." It had to be dramatic to pull at viewers heartstrings, to make them watch her show. So, she told viewers that her husband, Dean McDermott, attempted suicide.

Tori spiced up the event when her husband was placed on a psychiatric hold at the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center. She said that he was sent there after he tried to commit suicide. That does seem more heart wrenching than telling viewers that he went there because he was hallucinating from the drugs he took and thought he could fly.

A source told Radar Online, that Dean never tried to take his own life in a suicide attempt. “Dean didn’t try to take his own life, nor did he threaten suicide. Tori panicked after Dean had come home from a partying binge, and was obviously under the influence. He kept telling Tori he could fly, and she was afraid that Dean was going to try and do something crazy, so she sought help for him.”

Dean allegedly went to UCLA to detox. After that, he was sent elsewhere for treatment.

This isn’t the first time that Dean binged out on drugs. When he was married to Mary Jo Eustace, he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Dean was supposed to show up at Mary Jo’s parents house for a family gathering, Mary Jo swore in a 2005 declaration. However, Dean showed up later and places a bag of cocaine on the table. He confessed that he had a problem with cocaine.

According to Radar On line’s source, Tori fabricated his suicide attempt because of ratings. “It makes for a much better storyline that Dean tried to commit suicide.

“Whereas if it was just Dean’s hard core partying, it just wouldn’t have a significant impact. There are also concerns about getting into the depths of Dean’s drug problems because of his career. No one wants to hire a junkie.”

Do you agree with her tactic on telling viewers that he tried to attempt suicide, or should she have told the truth about his drug addictions? Tell your thoughts in the comment section below.