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Dean McDermott's rehab could break the bank: How much is Tori spending?

Tori and Dean
Tori and Dean
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Dean McDermott's rehab may end up saving his marriage, but the way it looks it could also break his family. On Feb. 12, Life & Style Mag shared that the rehab is really expensive and considering this family is already having money problems this could be really bad.

A source said that Tori Spelling is actually spending $70,000 a month for his rehab. This is a lot of money so hopefully it is working for them. Tori must think that it is worth it for them.

Right now Tori is really busy with working and taking care of her four children. Dean has promised that he will stay in rehab to try to fix their family. He wants to be there for them, but until he gets his act together it is not really going to work out for them.

Hopefully the $70,000 a month will save Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage. This might just be a last resort for them.