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Dean McDermott claims wife Tori Spelling is ‘hypochondriac’

Dean McDermott is claiming that his wife, Tori Spelling is a “hypochondriac.” Considering he’s facing a cheating scandal again, tossing out barbs about his wife might not be the best idea he’s had.

Dean McDermott claims Tori Spelling is a "hypochondriac"

Dean McDermott, 47 is accused of cheating on Tori Spelling in December when he was in Toronto working. Now a source close to McDermott has revealed to RadarOnline that Dean is always complaining to his friends about her stress and health phobias.

The source went on to say that Spelling’s constant worrying about having a serious illness has caused unnecessary drama in her seven year marriage. The source stated, “Over the years, Tori has diagnosed herself with terminal cancer, brain tumors, incontinence, the list just goes on and on.”

“If Tori gets a headache, she immediately thinks she is having an aneurysm. This happened years before her pregnancy with Finn, in which she was hospitalized and placed on bed rest. There have been countless trips to various emergency rooms because Tori would think she needed immediate medical attention.”

“Several times, Tori was told by doctors that she was only having panic attacks. It has taken a huge strain on the marriage because Tori lives her life in such fear.”

Voicing such accusations to others isn’t doing Dean McDermott’s marriage any good. These are issues they need to deal with as a couple.

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