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Deals for the Weekend!

On Steam:

Indie the Movie Bundle:

Price: $2.49

A bunch of well reviewed games. This also comes with the downloadable movie. It is a great buy.


A reboot from a classic franchise, this game well not the greatest game, but It is half off. The DLCs Thief has to offer is also 50% off.

There are two options for the full game:

  1. The regular game: $14.99
  2. The Master thief edition: $16.49

I recommend getting the base game, and then buying the DLCs. It comes out cheaper, and you get the same in-game content.

Velvet Assassin:

Set in World War 2, this is a stealth game. It was not well reviewed, but for .74 cents, why would you not buy it?


The games range from The Sims to Mass Effect, and everything in-between. It is up to 70% off. This is a great deal!

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