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Dealing with tragedy in life

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The tragedy that has occurred and is still occurring in Japan reminds us just how small and fragile the world can really be. They are certainly having it rough over there (the only thing needed to complete the picture is for Godzilla and Mothra to show up) and their plight is felt by many throughout the world.

It is in times of tragedy, or, more appropriately, in the aftermath of tragedy, that people need psychological and emotional support as well as monetary and physiological support. We can send rice and ramen noodles, bandages and blood, but our intercessory prayers for the psychological health and wellbeing of the victims is also important, as important as our ability to empathize with them.

If you or a friend or loved one suffer from stress, anxiety, or, post traumatic stress then please seek help for coping with the events that occurred in your life. This may be as simple as finding someone with whom to talk.

Talking about our experiences are often the biggest single thing we can do to help ourselves adjust to life events. We will never forget what has happened (that is part of what makes us who we are), but we can learn to live with what has happened by talking it out.

I’m often guilty of trying to help people problem solve when all they really want is to talk about their story and find relief in simply doing that. They don’t need my suggestions. They just need my ears.

I encourage you to find someone to talk to if you have experienced a tragedy in your life, recent or past. Talking really does help. This is a curious fact that 12 step groups discovered long ago, and I encourage you to go to a 12 step group and talk about your problems. Unless the group is a closed group on that particular day, they should welcome you. I once had a friend who dealt with growing up in a tragic relationship with his father (who was a paranoid schizophrenic) by attending AA meetings. He wasn’t an alcoholic, but the listening to other people’s stories and sharing his own had a therapeutic effect for him and, perhaps, them.

Foming relationships in life where he can either be a set of ears or have access to a set of ears, is very important. Our relationships are what keep us human, even in inhuman circumstances.

If you are interested in treatment for stress and anxiety related issues, then see the people at Knoxville Center for Clinical Hypnosis. They deal in both hypnosis and life coaching with choice theory psychology. Take the first step and let them help you get back happiness or find happiness for the first time.

Experiment with life. Nurture those you love.



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