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Dealing With The Fun Guy

Some girls go after bad boys for excitment. They say the nice guys are boring. Dating a guy who is bad and parties all the time is not exciting. It is not even fun. It could actually be stressful.

The guy who is all about fun is usually the guy who will end up breaking your heart. If you want someone on the weekends, you could forget about him. All he will care about is getting wasted.

If you are are thinking of getting married and starting a family than this guy is worse for you. He may never be ready to settle down. To him life is a party and if he does not go out he feels that he is missing something.

Try going for the nice guy. He will bring you soup when you are sick or make you feel better when you are feeling down. He knows how to appreciate and will never take you for granted.

Just because a guy is nice does not mean he is boring. In fact he could be a lot of fun. You do not need to go out bar or club hopping in order to have fun. All you need to do is tell jokes and how to make someone laugh.

So if you meet a guy and he talks about he gets wasted or needs to go out then run fast. That is how you know that the guy is not for you. Sure he may be fun to hook up but he is not Mr. Right. Mr. Right would rather be alone with you then going to the club with the guys on a Saturday night. You deserve to be with someone who makes you a priority and not an option.

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