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Dealing with Joint Pain

Arthritis, disease, infection, auto immune or injury can all lead to joint pain in one out of five Americans at any stage in their life. There are both mild and severe symptoms related to this and if untreated joint pain can have a serious impact on a person’s mobility. Also known as arthralgia, joint pain mostly affects those joints that are movable such as the knee, elbow, hip or wrists. Our joints are protected by ligaments, which over time can become overly stretched and fail to support the joints. There are multiple causes of arthralgia; the two most common are injury and arthritis.

Injury to the joints can damage the cartilage that protects them and cause fracture to the bones as well as the surrounding tissues. This can result in muscle spasms, inflammation or tendonitis. Any inflammatory condition usually requires an anti-inflammatory medication or supplement to reduce swelling and pain, one option is flexoplex. This product contains natural ingredients which have anti-inflammatory properties, but it may take weeks, months or even years for a full recovery. Flexoplex may also be used for arthritis related joint pain as it contains supplements, which help to repair the cartilage as well as assists in forming new cartilage around the joints. There are many advantages to flexoplex, but before beginning to take any products it is important to see your doctor first.

Joint pain may affect your life in many ways; therefore, it is important to see your doctor if you are having any sort of symptoms that last for 3 or more days. For minor cases associated with inflammation over the counter drugs or relievers are a good option along with rest. If this does not assist the symptoms then it is important to see the doctor to determine if there is any other serious damage to the joint. In any case where your symptoms do not subside while using over the counter options including natural supplements you must take further action as joint pain may lead to loss of mobility which can impact your life in all areas as well as lead to permanent disability.

This can all be avoided with proper diagnosis, which can be done after a full physical examination. If there are additional symptoms there may be x-rays or ultrasounds done in order to look for damage of the joint and surrounding areas. Once there is a diagnosis the treatment options will vary, but one of the first suggested treatments is lifestyle changes or the use of nutritional supplements such as the above-mentioned Flexoplex. There are many other alternative therapies and treatment options, but supplements such as flexoplex can help to prevent joint problems, reduce inflammation in joints, promote healing and new cartilage formation for many joint problems. The other benefit to the natural supplements is the lack of side effects as opposed to prescription medications.

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