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Dealing with grief: New anthology from local authors offers comfort and healing

New anthology by local authors
New anthology by local authors
Photo courtesy of MJR Publications, LLC

Losing a loved one is never easy. For those who have a right relationship with God, they have the promise of an eternal home with Him in heaven. The hard part falls on the ones who still remain and are left to pick up the emotional pieces. Holidays are especially difficult because of that person's love and influence on our lives.

The new anthology, Loving Hearts Live Forever celebrates the memories of those who have passed and honors their dedication to make our world a better place.

Local authors Joy Turner, Brenda Stoehr, Lynn Pinder and Bennet Pomerantz contributed to the book by giving insight as to how these individuals touched their lives.

Family and friends also share their thoughts and recollections in honor of their loved ones' memory.

I want to personally thank these new writers, Angela Busick, Charles Koch, Jr., Karen Hoffman, Richard and Kathryn Ashley, Mary Ashley, Alice Phipps, Emory and Marlene Toomey, John L. Astarita, Sr., Kathy Astarita, Betty J. Craven, Betty Hardesty, Betty Herman, Tony Herrera, Deborah A. Wooten, Linda Whiteford-Robinette, Amy E. Nedrow, Pamela Sisler, Patrick Rejrat and Deborah Schafer-Thate, for taking time out of their busy schedules to help celebrate these lives, for the memories which live in our hearts, and for the blessed hope that one day we will see them again.

A special thanks goes to Jo West (daughter of deceased author Anna Molly Magee) for contributing poems written by her mom.

Loving Hearts Live Forever, to be released in January 2011 by MJR Publications, LLC in Baltimore, Maryland and is edited by Anna Renault, Baltimore Cancer Examiner.


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