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Dealing with climate change and the stress that goes with it

Climate Change
Climate Change
Joanne DeHerrera

Going through category three and category four hurricanes; moving 3000 miles for a job then just to lose that job within one year is completely devastating, and for those in the world who have been devastated or displaced by climate change; please know millions of other people understand exactly what it is that you; the displaced victim is going through.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is on the forefront for millions of people. People have gone through devastating hurricanes, massive tornado's, horrific fires, horrifying sinkholes, gruesome sicknesses such as H1N1, appalling work conditions such as the documentaries we have seen concerning Fukushima, and of course losing jobs. The mass shootings must stop now, because while going through all of our own personal problems; seeing poor people die such as the event that just happened again at Fort Hood makes one’s own personal problems worse.
Everyone has his/her own horrible story, and life can be horrible, but it is how one deals with these events; is a make or break situation. Take short walks, breathing deeply, hot baths, exercise as much as possible because these steps can and do work. Everyone has to find his/her own ways of dealing with stress, and once one finds it; keep doing those things. When a person stops doing the positive steps that is good for him/her, his/her life becomes sedentary. Having a sedentary life; makes ones bones ache so bad, causes headaches, and a slew of other problems.
I encourage everyone who is dealing with high stress to reach out to the American Psychiatric Association, or the American Psychological Association; research and find out what leading a sedentary life will do, learn about P.T.S.D., and depression, and once you believe you have found out what it is that is making you feel horrible; then write the A.P.A., go to your doctor, and reach out to others.

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