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Dealing with Chicago Snow and the Kid

Having just wrapped up (pun intended) Christmas, there are still the remnants of the holidays around.  Gift returns, sales, decorations, are all reminders of a season everyone just wants to end.

The worst of these reminders is the lingering music.  Let It Snow can still be heard in malls and elevators here and there.  That song is the most vulgar thing ever produced.  2 Live Crew couldn't touch it with a ten foot pole (subtly vulgar pun intended).

You don't agree?  That's because you haven't tried to take your kid out in the eight inches of snow Chicago just got.  If you had you would agree that anyone wishing for it should have their free speech rights revoked.

New dads, you aren't prepared mentally or physically for the perils of snow travel with the kid.  Here are a couple of tips to put you on the right shoveled path (enough puns!)...

1.  Make a list before you go out -

If you've got to go out, take 10 minutes before you leave to make a prioritized list of your errands.  The worst part of transporting a baby is getting it ready to go.  Coat, hat, gloves, boots, scarf, baby Northface, portable insulated kerosene heater - it will take you an hour just to get the kid properly installed.  You don't want to do it twice in a day because you forgot to stop for green beans.  Make the list and put it in order.

2.  Jogging strollers -

If you've got one, break it out.  It's a terrible time to jog, yes, but the giant tires make navigating the Chicago snow-covered sidewalks much easier than the traditional strollers.  Too bulky and cumbersome?  Everything about winter is bulky and cumbersome.  At least this makes the other bulk less cumbersome.

3.  Buy double -

Try to make it so you don't have to go out.  If you usually buy one tray of jar food, buy two.  One case of diapers, buy two.  It's not like you won't need them.

4.  Go outside to go inside -

Avoid cabin fever for you and the kid by hitting places with walking room and heat.  The Shedd Aquarium is a perfect example of this kind of place.  You can walk and get the blood going.  The kid will have lots of colors to look at.  And it's warm.  Other places like the mall and museums work, too.  Avoid sit down joints like restraunts, movie theatres, and coffeeshops.


  • Gregg 5 years ago

    too true, too true. And Shedd's is a little kid paradise with the colors and water.

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