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Dealing with change in your relationship

If you are are in a relationship and you have been in it for a while then you know how much effort it can take to make it work.

Some individuals have learned how to work through the differences they may have with their mate. They have worked really hard over time to realize what's important and what's not when it comes to the changes that are necessary to make their relationship work.

For instance if one person is neater or more cleaner than the other it is important for the person who is not as neat to make sure their mate does not become their parent when it comes to keeping things titty around the house. Being reminded what to do over and over can take a toll. But taking the time to pick up after ones self is definitely a way to keep a relationship like this on the right track.

In some cases their are individuals who are in relationships where there are total opposites. These individuals clash more than they work together. In this case one can only wonder, what exactly is keeping this relationship together. Read more about do opposites attract?

In this case it is something that is important to only them that makes this type of relationship work. It could be financial, sexual, the way the person looks or something else that makes these individuals put up with each other. Only the ones who are in this type of relationship will understand it.

When it comes to making changes in a relationship there is always room for compromise. Depending on the compromise will determine if the relationship will work for you.

It is up to each one of us to determine what changes are necessary, if any, in order to make the relationship we are in or will become a part of to work.

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