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Dealing With Bullies and other Predators

Notice the lack of confidence in this illustration
Notice the lack of confidence in this illustration
Tom Richmond

My father taught me to “speak my piece even if it means getting an ass whopping” so when I was confronted by bullies at school I didn’t back down. After school however the bullies and or their brothers chased me home if I made it that far. One day the old man was home when I ran inside. He made me go out and fight the two boys who chased me home one at a time. I beat them both but my old man could see that this would not be the end of the bullying and that I needed training. My parents enrolled me in a Tae Kwon Do class at the YMCA. That was over 45 years ago.

Bullies or predators aren’t limited to the schoolyard. They infest the workplace, rage on our roads, intimidate through the Internet, and are virtually everywhere in society.

Bullies and other people who use intimidation as a weapon with ill intent can effectively be dealt with without resorting to physical violence 97% percent of the time. Bullies (as I poop all these vile cowards into one sick group) look for weakness because they fear the same weakness in themselves. The key word is fear. Predators love it like a drug and it is an emotion that a student must master in order to keep from being perceived as prey. By master I mean they must learn to utilize fear as a tool rather than be a tool utilized by it.

Confidence is a tool that works well when dealing with any bully. When a bully chooses their victim, they usually probe to see if the victim exhibits fear. Confidence will make the bully aware that they have chosen more difficult prey and may choose to move on. There are many variables to the equation but this is a quite common occurrence.

There are two types of confidence. The first type is in knowing that you will absolutely clean this guy’s clock if he wants to get physical. The other kind is more of a front where confidence is a martyr’s platform and you are not afraid to take a beating for your beliefs. Thank goodness my parents made the right decision on my part or I’d be a lot uglier and be moving a lot slower than I am today.

Encounters with predators will happen several times throughout your life. Use confidence as your shield and righteousness as your sword to see you through these unfortunate events, and if the predator decides to pounce, give them a good ass whopping. If everyone did that predators would be few and far between.


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