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Dealers' show - Outdoor Sports Headquarters

An invitation to a secretive meeting!
An invitation to a secretive meeting!
Ken Davy

Dealers' show – Outdoor Sports Headquarters, Dayton, OH

A dealers' show was held Saturday, January 16th at Outdoor Sports Headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio. Many companies sent representatives to display and explain their best and newest products. All the reps were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The following is a digest of some of the newest and most exciting products on display.

Plano tackle boxes representative Tom Pinter demonstrated a new tackle box that serves as a lid for a 5 gallon bucket. One half of this box is removable to allow use of the bucket as minnow bucket. There is also an access hole between halves for aereator hose. Coming soon, Plano will have after-market containers called Liquid Bait Lockers for liquid packed baits like the Gulp Alive series.

Yum  has come out with a Zara Spook-type floating soft bait they call the Money Hound. It floats, has a channel in the underside for your hook and it has that wonderful Yum scent the fish are so crazy about.

Thill has come out with a new float they call Splash-Brite. It lights on contact with the water and it has a battery life of approximately 40 hrs.

Daiwa is focusing mostly on saltwater gear this year. The best offering they displayed for freshwater anglers is the new Aggrest baitcasting reel. It has a very low profile and 7.3 to 1 retrieve ratio.

New from Blakemore  and Mr. Crappie are large tubes of their Real Magic reel lube, Slab Daddy jigs in new 1/32 and ¼ oz sizes and the brand new Spin Daddy for monster crappies. Also new are Stackers baithook and lure combos that are set up as species-specific solutions for slow fishing situations.

Tru-Turn hooks has a very nice way of celebrating their 50th anniversary as a company. This year they will be offering a special deal to anglers who buy five packs of their hooks, a rebate of an additional five packs of hooks. Watch for details from your local Tru-Turn retailers!

Frabill representative Bill Laufer said their newest invention is the Hiber-net. It is a large, deep mesh net that stores its mesh within the handle when a ring on the handle is slid back. Slide the ring forward to use the net. This is targeted to bass anglers whose boats are already overcrowded with gear.

Zoom, long a trusted company for quality bass lures, is launching an all new line of panfish lures. Also new this year is the Swimmin' Super Fluke their entry into the swimbait market.

Worden's is introducing new colors for Timbertiger cranks, six new Roostertail spinner colors featuring UV or copper blades; new UV-infused bodies for the F-4 through F-6 Flatfish that supposedly reflect the UV in stained water to be more visible to gamefish, and the Double-Trouble gold and chartreause color for salmon and large trout.

Okuma was featuring its bait feeder spinning reels and its large-arbor fly reels the rep said were designed for a lower price-point. Indeed, the Cascade.and SLV are well designed reels with multi-disc, adjustable drags and prices in a very comfortable range.

Venom  is rolling out three new colors for its Vibra-max Blade Baits, a vertical jig they call the True-Image, which features a stand-up head and their all-new line of drop-shot lures called Minnow Bucket minnows. These come packed in jars of scent solution like some other brands, however these jars are a very manageable size.

For your boat, there is a new digital bilge pump switch with no moving parts from Attwood  or an 1100 Series sonar unit from Humminbird. The 1100 Series features side-looking transducers giving a very wide view of the bottom to either side. You can also download a free software patch from their website to an SD card to get a down-looking display to fill in the information in the middle. The units also display GPS and map information and anglers can subscribe to a weather service to have the latest satellite weather information displayed as well.

Check back tomorrow for part two of this report and find out what's new from Northland, Bagley, Gulp and many more quality tackle makers!


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