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Deal's 'Look Again' campaign brought up in Ross Harris probable cause hearing

During the probable cause hearing for Justin Ross Harris held in Cobb County, Georgia on Thursday, the defense attorney for the suspect in the case of the boy who died after being left in a hot car in June turned the questioning to the topic of Governor Deal's "Look Again" campaign, according to a raw feed viewed on ABC News on July 3.

Mugshot of Justin Ross Harris after his arrest in the hot car death of his young son Connor.
Courtesy of Cobb County Jail

According to Harris' defense attorney Mattox Kilgore, the suspect in the case has said that he couldn't believe this situation had happened to him, with his child dying in his hot car, as he had just watched a May 27 Fox 5 News cast about Governor Deal launching his "Look Again" campaign.

The campaign, partially initiated by the Georgia government leader, was meant to raise awareness of the leading cause of non-traffic vehicular deaths of children in the United States: when they are left in a hot car.

Gov. Deal was asking parents and caregivers in that earlier broadcast to "look again" when traveling with a child, to make sure when they exited a vehicle that they did not leave a child in the hot car, accidentally, as tragically, 52 percent of children left in a hot car are left there by caregivers.

Attorney Kilgore asked the detective being questioned on Thursday afternoon if the defendant, who had left his child Cooper in his car for hours while he worked one day, had told him that he had watched the "Look Again" campaign news cast a month earlier, and was thus shocked that he would then do the same thing with his own child?

The Cobb County law enforcement personnel said the suspect had not told him about watching that broadcast. But it was an odd question for the defense to raise, as it lends more credibility to the suspect's possible intentional neglect of his child (having no excuse for not realizing such a danger after admitting hearing the governor speak about the Bright from the Start Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning publicized warning).

"We are going to be working with prosecuting attorneys all over the state of Georgia to ensure that we have district attorneys and solicitors who are prosecuting these crimes," Commissioner Bobby Cagle stated in the "Look Again" video.

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