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Deaf, sight-impaired dog spins in circles at high-kill animal control facility

Via Urgent Part 2 FB page

Update 6/18/14: According to the Facebook page "Urgent Death Row Dogs," Zeus has been rescued.

A one-year-old sight-impaired pit bull, dubbed "Zeus," is in desperate need of rescue from the New York Animal Care and Control facility in Manhattan, N.Y., where he is growing increasingly confused.

Facility notes for the young dog state:


A portion of Zeus' behavior evaluation reads:

He spends his time in the kennel spinning in a tight circle - a coping strategy that is evidenced by sores and callouses on the on the outside of his paws. He smells me approach him and runs right to the front of his kennel, with soft body, ears alert, then noses at the kennel door.

When approached by dogs with friendly or neutral behavior, Zeus responds calmly with neutral behavior. Zeus went on an extended parallel walk, ignoring the other dog, occasionally stopping to sniff with neutral body language. Zeus would likely benefit from living with a social, confident dog who can help him navigate his new environment and build his confidence.

A shelter volunteer shared a more personal side of the impounded dog, who is at risk of losing his life. The volunteer wrote:

Zeus is such a beautiful boy and though we've met just the once, his unique combination of joie de vivre and gentleness has already won him a special place in my heart. Being confined in a kennel surrounded by noisy strangers has left this sight-impaired sweetie stressed at times but the evening I come to visit, Zeus is lying calmly on his bed and when he hears me rattle the door he's up and raring to get outside.

Zeus' sight and hearing limitations have caused the facility to deem him "rescue only," and he will only be released to one of their New Hope partners.

According to the Facebook page, Urgent Death Row Dogs, Zeus has a limited amount of time before he will be put down.


  • Animal ID # is A1003203
  • Age 1 year
  • Pit bull (mix)
  • Facebook thread here
  • For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:
  • call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions

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