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Deaf boy used sign language to alert people to help puppy

The facebook page for LOTL Rescue recently posted a story and photo of a boy in Peru who helped save a scalded puppy. The little boy, named Darwin, is deaf but was able to use sign language to alert people he needed urgent assistance. Darwin had noticed the puppy and was able to bring him to the attention of Vida Digna, an animal rescue organization.

Darwin used sign language to get help for a stray puppy
Vida Digna

Darwin's efforts have continued to help strays in need. His efforts have since come to the attention of an American audiologist who has offered to sponsor Darwin's medical testing and provide hearing aids if needed. Here is the original story:

On a cold morning recently, animal welfare organization Vida Digna was providing free veterinary care services to the pets living in one of Peru's shanty-towns.

There were more than 200 people in line when a small boy, deaf and unable to speak, used sign language to express that he needed urgent help.

He returned moments later with a small, cold, miserable puppy covered in an angry, itchy mange and with a wound caused by scalding water, probably thrown at him to scare him away from market stands.
The dog was completely abandoned, except for his faithful human friend who heard his cries for help through his heart rather than his ears.

Over the course of many weeks the boy's neighbor housed the dog and the boy brought him back regularly for veterinary treatments.The dog made a full recovery and was ultimately adopted.

The little boy named Darwin continues to bring in other strays he finds. A few days ago an American audiologist heard about this beautiful little soul and has offered to sponsor the boy's medical testing and to provide him with hearing aids if needed.

For more information on Vida Digna, go to:

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