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'Deaf and dumb': Airline apologizes for insulting note on couple's luggage

James Moehle and Angela Huckaby had just enjoyed a nice vacation in Hawaii, and returned home to Texas to discover their luggage was missing. American Airlines not only gave them their luggage, but has now issued an apology for an insulting note attached to it that called the couple "deaf and dumb," according to ABC News on March 27, 2014.

Couple gets apology for very insensitive note left on their luggage.
James Moehle - KTRK

The full note read, "Please text, deaf and dumb." Apparently, these were instructions attached to the luggage for the delivery person. It was looked as the best way to reach the couple that consists of two deaf human beings.

Upon receiving their luggage and seeing the note, Moehle wrote a letter to American Airlines:

“I assure you that neither of us are ‘Dumb!’ Rather, we are both hard-working individuals and responsible parents. We certainly deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Moehle ended the letter saying, “We demand not only an immediate apology from American Airlines, but also that disciplinary action be taken against the employee who wrote the unacceptable note.”

American Airlines received his letter and quickly issued an apology stating:

“We apologize to Mr. Moehle and Ms. Huckaby. It was clearly a very poor choice of words. We’re confident there was no ill will, but we’ll be looking into this further and will be following up with our team members at IAH and the contractor that provides our baggage delivery services,” American Airlines said in a statement to the couple.

While an apology is a part of what James Moehle wanted, it wasn't enough. His mother, Kaye Moehle, said that the statements from American Airlines have "been dismissive," and she would rather know that this situation is being taken "seriously."

The couple said they had a great time on their Hawaiian trip, and coming home to such a situation, put a damper on the whole thing. Mrs. Moehle said that the note was "extremely unacceptable, hurtful, and cruel."

James Moehle wants American Airlines to do a deeper investigation so that they "not ever do that again to someone else."

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