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Deadmau5 takes to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Trey Songz' single

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While Trey Songz surely has his share of fans, it doesn’t appear that Deadmau5 is one of them.

The electronic music producer Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, seemed to take exception to Songz’ latest single on Monday, tweeting the R&B singer to voice his displeasure.

"Really dude? Like ... why?" commented Zimmerman, including a link to the video for the Trey Songz track: “Touchin, Lovin”.

Deadmau5 then went on a twitter tirade, centering on the song’s similarity to his remix of “I’m Not Alone” by Calvin Harris. Apparently, he believes that Songz (or the producers of the track) infringed on his work. Zimmerman also tweeted at Harris, stating simply: “I’m mad”.

Harris was quick to attempt to pacify his fellow producer, responding with a tweet of his own.

“Don't be mad dude it was 2009 and now we've moved on to great new things!” said Harris. “Everything we've done since then...a lot of time passed.”

The conversation between the two continued. The entire situation may have ended positively, as Harris suggested that Zimmerman complete the popular ice bucket challenge. In response, Deadmau5 pledged to donate $10,000 to ALS research.

Finding himself engaged in feuds on Twitter is nothing new for Deadmau5. In the past, he has found himself in beefs with several people, including: Madonna, Justin Bieber, Pauly D (of Jersey Shore fame), Lady Gaga, Rusko, Arcade Fire and Afrojack.

On June 17, Deadmau5 released “while (1<2)”, the two-cd follow up to 2012’s “Album Title Goes Here”. The 33-year-old Canadian producer is known for his live performances, many of which feature him wearing his signature “Mau5head.”

Zimmerman has also gained further notoriety from the online interview series he conducts from his car whist making a trip to Tim Horton’s titled “Coffee Run”, as well as his called-off engagement to famed tattoo artist Kat Von D.

On July 1, Trey Songz released his latest album “Trigga”, which includes “Touchin, Lovin”. Songz announced on Monday that he would be embarking on a tour with fellow R&B singer Chris Brown.