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Deadmau5 reveals his Nyan Cat wrapped Ferrari 458

Canadian house musician deadmau5 has wrapped his Ferrari 458 Spider with the Internet meme Nyan Cat
© Joel Zimmerman

While the majority of America is watching the Super Bowl, electronic music artist deadmau5 has posted pictures of his Ferrari 458 Spider on his Facebook page... and it's covered in a Nyan Cat wrap.

Jalopnik got word that deadmau5 was going to do this in October, but the Canadian musician has now confirmed the rumors right in the middle of the biggest sporting event in America... maybe he hopes that everyone will miss it?

Then again, he's apparently not done. "if you think the car's bad... you should see what i did to my bathroom wallpaper," was his follow up post after he posted pictures of the meme'd Ferrari.

What do you think? Do you admire the brashness of it, or has this $200,000+ Italian supercar been desecrated?


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