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Deadly WMATA buses fail to stop for passengers in freezing cold

Welcome to the United States of Automobiles!

Drivers of buses in the Washington metropolitan area are not stopping for passengers in spite of the freezing cold, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has been informed by irate bus riders.

The WMATA buses standard has gone fallen to the level of third world countries in Asia and Africa in the last few years.

One customer brought to the notice of the WMATA the bus No. 86 that plies on Baltimore Avenue in College Park did not stop at the bus stop (#3002428) in College park.

The driver gestured the passenger at the stop to come to the next signal. the incident happened at 12.50 pm on new year's eve.

The bus stop sign at the bus stop has also been broken for many days, without repair.

The WMATA said iit was filing complaint and will conduct an inquiry.

WMATA buses have also become deadly for commuters and the new year saw the stabbing of two female passengers aboard the bus at 2 am.

Last year, three people were shot dead aboard WMATA buses.


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