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'Deadly Whispers' true story of Tom Bonney-Kathy Bonney

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"Deadly Whispers" is a true-story account of the murder of Kathy Carol Bonney by her father Tom Bonney aka Thomas Lee Boney.

The true-crime movie is directed by Bill L. Norton and based on the book by Ted Schwarz. The movie first came to television in 1995 on CBS but later aired on Lifetime Television. The cast includes Pamela Reed, Ving Rhames and Tony Danza.

"Deadly Whispers" synopsis-plot

A seemingly overprotective father becomes a suspect in the murder of his daughter after she is found shot to death at close range.

Movie themes: multiple personality disorder, multiple personalities, murder and true crime.

The true story of Kathy Bonney aka Kathy Carol Bonney inspired the book and the movie. According to court documents, Tom Bonney aka Thomas Bonney murdered his own daughter Kathy because he feared she would grow up to live a corrupt life. At trial, it was brought out that Tom Bonney was mentally ill. Sources day, he has schizophrenia.

Tom Bonney was found guilty and sentenced to death in 1988 but was later resentenced to life in prison in 2007, according to

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