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Deadly defect forces General Motors to pay $35 million fine

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Vice President Joe Biden made a point of telling voters that thanks to President Barack Obama, "Bin Laden is dead, General Motors (GM) is alive," however, it's certain that Friday's report about a federal agency fining GM for a whopping $35 million due to it's intentional cover-up of a dangerous defect in the taxpayer, bailed-out car company's design is causing some concern in the White House, according to media reports.

In their poster for the 2012 election, Obama and Biden took credit for killing Osama but keeping GM alive. However, it appears GM was also responsible for killings.

Officials from the U.S. Transportation Department conducted an investigation that revealed GM took more than 10 years to report there was a major defect in the ignition system installed in millions of vehicles sold to customers. The investigators also revealed that there were more than a dozen deaths linked to the cars' defect.

In a de facto plea agreement with the Transportation Department, GM officials confessed that they sat on the problem and failed to report the problems to the proper authorities and to issue a publicly promulgated recall on all makes and models possessing the dangerous -- sometimes deadly -- ignitions.

While the Obama administration said the $35 million fine was the highest allowed by law, some public safety experts called it much too small to make a significant dent in GM profits or by other car manufacturers who may face a similar situation, according to a former director of highway safety, Ronald Spiegeler.

According to reports by the U.S. Justice Department, a criminal investigation separate from the Transportation Department probe is being conducted and GM may be fined many millions more in addition to criminal charges brought against executives and engineers who were involved in the deadly cover-up.

"Technically, during part of this cover-up, President Barack Obama and his minions were more than happy to bailout the struggling GM with a hefty amount of our money and then he bragged that the company was a complete success thanks to his leadership. But now, he's probably holding meetings with his 'usual suspects' to come up with a way to turn it around on the Republicans or the Tea Party, who were against the bailout," said Mike Baker an attorney and political strategist.

"And don't look for the majority of the members of the news media to do any 'digging' into this latest government-involved fiasco any time soon. They'll wait until 2015 and then say, 'Dude' that was more than a year ago,'" he added.

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