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Deadline Today to Support Rylan Strickland


The family of Rylan Strickland is raising money to get him into a special needs school. Now eleven years old, Rylan works hard, cares for all, and participates in sports, music, woodworking, and art. He is taking responsibility for his future, while learning to manage the effects of his extremely traumatic past. His grandparents, Kelen and Gary Prutow have exhausted all of their means. When they brought Rylan into their home when he was seven and profoundly troubled, angry, and anti-social. Medical and mental health professionals have provided substantial prolonged counseling and the needed medications to help Rylan stabilize and learn to manage after living in fearful and often life threatening conditions during his early childhood.

Children who experience abuse have a lot of problems. The good news is, with the right professional, they can live happier lives. The mental and emotional effects depend on how bad the abuse or neglect is, how often it happens, how long it's been going on, and who the abuser is.

Children who are abused or neglected are more likely to abuse other children and siblings and, later in life, their own children or elderly parents. They are also more likely to become involved in crime. This is why treatment is so crucial. Rylan's grandparents are being proactive in making sure Rylan has a chance at life. Rylan's improving yet often difficult behavior and medical conditions has forced him to leave multiple public and private schools. Long consultation with his entire care group produced the conclusion that the Vanguard School, in Lake Wales, FL, stands alone as the choice that offers the best chance of success in helping Rylan continue to grow in a productive and happy life.

A $10,000 scholarship has been awarded to Rylan by Vanguard as they clearly see his potential and greatly desire that he attend there.

Rylan has also been awarded $13,800 by the state of Florida through the McKay Scholarship for children with special needs.

The two scholarships provide $23,800 of the $44,000 required for tuition, room, board, and his first year there. We are assured that in subsequent years Rylan will qualify for additional scholarships. You can find out more about him on his Facebook page

and support him here