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Deadline today to enter Front Street Animal Shelter pet photo contest

Shhh! Don't tell Mom we are sleeping on her bed!
Shhh! Don't tell Mom we are sleeping on her bed!
photo by Carol Terracina Hartman

Grab your camera, your best bark or meow buddy (or chirp or oink!) and start snapping. Pet parents and enthusiasts have until midnight to enter the Front Street Animal Shelter pet photo contest.

The goal is not to win, but to raise funds.

There's two ways to help the shelter to this.

If 250 entries are received, then free adoptions for one month, courtesy of Lasher Elk Grove Subaru.


participant photographers are to ready, set, go, recruit votes for their photos starting tomorrow, July 1. Each vote costs $1.

Both these fundraising efforts are leading to the shelter's goal of becoming a no-kill facility. As everyone knows, it's tough for a municipal shelter to do so. Raising money is the best way to support this effort.

Follow this link to enter.

The highest vote-getters win – which might not necessarily correspond to the best photo, according to entry information. The content rules also stipulate that entrants post only one photo.

To enter, choose one of the following categories that best fits the photo:

  • Best Friends
  • Awwww
  • Working Class / Athletes
  • Nap Time
  • Celebrities
  • Pet Shaming – LOL

“Votes are purchased at $1 each with no limit on the number of votes a person can cast for your photo – and funds raised will benefit the animals at the Front Street Animal Shelter,” Team Front Street writes on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love photographing their Rover or Kitty at rest, play or on their lap?

How many times a day do you reach for a camera or iPhone to photograph Rover or Kitty? Eating, sleeping, walking, talking, singing and of course, they are at their cutest after they have done something bad AKA “shaming”.

And, how many times do you share these photos, either by text, email or on Facebook?

So, how about posting those precious pet photos on Facebook en route to helping other animals find their forever homes? Give it a try!

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