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Deadline looms for the 168 Film Project's 2013 Write of Passage competition

The deadline for the 5th annual Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition is October 8
The deadline for the 5th annual Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition is October 8
The 168 Film Project

Only one week left to the deadline for the 5th Annual Write of Passage (WP) Screenwriting Competition. Thursday, October 8 is the last day entries will be accepted for this competition designed to encourage new writers to enter the world of film.

The WP competition is a part of the 168 Film Project, whose challenge to filmmakers is to draw a random Bible scripture and in just 168 hours (7 days) shoot and edit a 10-minute film. The 168 Film Project has seen nearly 750 short films produced worldwide in its 11-year history.

"The Gift" is the theme for this competition. Screenplay submissions can be up to 12 pages in length, and like the 168 Film Project, are based on a foundational scripture to be assigned on Oct. 14.

Founder and director John David Ware says, "Pairing a writing contest with a film production competition is a dream come true for writers, who will craft positive portrayals of realistic characters in redemptive, thought-provoking stories that honor God."

The WP competition is also looking for experienced writers to act as mentors. WP uses "Development Executives" (DEs) to mentor the writers and judge the first round of entries. DEs read and give notes to a maximum of six writers. "DEs develop their sense of story and learn how to motivate and encourage a creative people to achieve excellence,” said Ware.

Interested potential DEs should send their resume and references to DEs are not required to pay a fee, but are not allowed to enter the competition as a writer.

Prizes for the WP competition winner include a $1,000 award and introductions to writer/producers like Luke Schelhaas (Law and Order, Smallville) and Brian Bird (Not Easily Broken). Finalist scripts may be made into films for the 168 Film Festival's Write of Passage showcase. Both writers and mentors receive screen credit if their film is made.

The entry fee for the WP competition is $40.00, and the writing week will commence on Oct. 14 and conclude on Oct. 21. Visit the 168 Film website to for more information and to register for the competition.

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