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Deadline has been given to Crimea’s separatist leaders to release hostages

Tension soars between pro-Russian and Ukrainian forces could mean blood bath. This begins when Moscow claimed Crimea as its own; 300 armed pro-Russian supporters took over the naval base in Sevastopol, said Marina Kanalyuk, assistant to the commander of Ukraine’s navy fleet.

Sanction is toothless?
Sanction is toothless?
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images
Is civil war emanates in Ukraine?

“They are everywhere here. They surround us. They threaten us,” she said, adding that she was sure that Russian security forces were involved.

Kanalyuk said the 70 or so Ukrainian naval officers at the headquarters had tried to stop the armed men from entering and were negotiating with them. She said that the equipped men had replaced Ukrainian flags with Russian ones but that no shots had been fired.

Ukrainian navy chief Sergey Gaiduk was taken away. Russia’s official ITAR-Tass news agency, citing the local Kryminform news agency, reported Gaiduk had been passed to the Sevastopol prosecutor’s office to be questioned about whether he’d passed on an order from Kiew for Ukrainian soldiers to use their weapons.

Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov issued a 9 p.m. (3 p.m. ET) deadline for Crimea to release all hostages and stop all provocations, a statement on the presidential website said.

What would be the respond of United Nations and the United States in this issue? For sure, we do not want to use force against Russia. If sanction is enforced, then the people of Russia suffer? Is the resolution just let it go and say it’s not our business to meddle the affairs of others?

Do we stand on the sidelines and do nothing if civil war emanates in Ukraine? How can we help these people? For sure, even though we enforce sanction, Putin won’t listen to the United States and other neighboring countries.

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