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Deadliest non toxic ammunition meets California's requirements

Controlled fracturing
Controlled fracturing
Lehigh Defense

Lehigh Defense LLC may make the deadliest non toxic ammunition and it meets California's current and future requirements, in that it is solid copper.

Although the primary focus of Lehigh has been in the personal defense area with mainly handgun bullets, they are venturing into a few rifle calibers. Lehigh has developed a number of different technologies to cause greater wounding channels in soft tissue in there "Maximum Expansion Ammunition" now avaiable in300ACC/Whisper subsonic, and their 2400 fps Controlled Chaos Technology bullets as well as their 1040 fps Controlled Fracturing Technology bullets, and Match solid bulets.

Match Solids are available in .338, .375, .408, .416, .458, .500, and .510 calibers sizes.

Controlled Fracturing come in .224, .308, .338, .416, .458, .500, .510 calibers

Maximum Expansion is available in a 194 grain .308 bullet

In the controlled fracturing ammunition line the 223 Remington ammo in both 45 and 48 grain bullets with velocities of 3600 and 3500 fps respectively offers the California hunter a great option for coyote hunting, while the 300 AAC/Whisper HV at 2000fps in a 140 grain bullet is an option for deer. Many of the other calibers and bullets are subsonic, so may be a possibility at close range on large game.

All of Lehigh's technologies are based around the hydraulic pressure when a bullet strikes soft liquid filled tissue, which forces the petals outwards in the case of the Maximum Expansion ammo, causes the petals to break off developing multiple projectiles in the Controlled Fracturing Ammo, and in the Controlled Chaos to create smaller particles more suitable for the hunter not wishing to have destroy a pelt.

So you are probably thinking this must cost an arm and a leg! Right?

You would be pleasantly surprised to find out the retail cost of the 3600fps 223 Remington ammo is $25 for a box of 20, while the high velocity .308 (3000fps) is only $35 in the Controlled Chaos ammo. In the Controlled fracturing ammo, the 223 Rem is $30, and these are for a box of 20.

In the projectiles a box of 100 of Controlled Chaos.224 bullets 45 grain bullets costs only $36, .243 (2000-4200fps) are $70.00 for a box of 100, an 308 is $56.00. In the Controlled Fracturing projectiles the 224 for a box of 50 runs $15, while the 308 for a box of 50 runs $37 for the high velocity and %58 or $65 for the lower velocity.

The 308 750-1200fps Maximum Expansion bullets run $77 for a box of 20, so are in the ozone as far as the average hunter.

If you want to know more about Lehigh ammunition or projectiles check here or

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