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‘Deadliest Catch’ welcomes the 'Fisherman’s Daughter’ on Discovery

Mandy Hansen ready to join the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch
F/V Northwestern Facebook Page

Tonight’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Fisherman’s Daughter.” As the episode begins, the seas are still not happy, and the last ten hours the waves have been coming over the rail, leaving ice in their wake. Most of the boats are on the crab, but the young guns are having the toughest time finding the elusive opies. Both Elliott and Josh Harris are receiving no favors from the Bering Sea.

On the Northwestern, they lost water, so there is a leak somewhere, and Elliott is on the hunt. A loose plug sent 1,000 gallons of their fresh water into the bilge. As breakdown after breakdown plagues the boat, they are hoping to fill the tanks quickly, and make it to shore to offload and refill their water supply. When the first pot comes over the rail, it holds over 400 crabs.

On the Time Bandit, they are on the crab, but the waves are still rough, but the pots go back down to be refilled. Suddenly, Andy smells smoke in the engine room as the alarm rings out. There is smoke coming off the generator, and the whole tank could blow up. Engineer Neal Hillstrand shuts down the engine. However, they must turn it back on to find the leak. Finally, they find it; a hydraulic leak on the auxiliary because an o-ring blew out. Neal fixed the problem, and the crew got back to pulling gear.

On the Cornelia Marie, Josh is looking for inspiration in his father’s log books. Phil could find crab anywhere, and Josh is hoping that his father will guide him to the crab. As they drop their pots, the Harris name is at stake. Just as they have their rhythm, a pot gets away, and knocks Travis down. The yells of “Man Down!” resonate across the deck. Travis was shaken up, and fortunately, just banged up, but a thousand-pound pot is no match for a human body.

In Seattle, Mandy is getting ready to leave for Dutch Harbor, so she can join her father’s crew when they come in to offload. Without enough water to shower, Matt Bradley is giving off one offensive odor to the rest of the crew. Hopefully, he will shower before Mandy joins the crew. But as men will do, he takes off his clothes and jumps in the tank and washes off. Must we remind you it is January on the Bering Sea?

On the Cape Caution, Captain Wild Bill is down a man, and deck boss Nick has no pity for the greenhorn who got hit in the face with a pot and has a broken nose and probably a concussion. Despite his feelings, Myles returns to the deck, but after a while, he starts to throw up and is seeing spots. Sure hope he will be alright and have no repercussions from the whack to the nose.

As the Cornelia Marie is about to pull their first pots of the Phil string, they are thrilled to see nearly a full pot of crabs, but they are dirty and must go back. The only ones saved were 75. Hopefully, the subsequent pots will be cleaner. Josh believes his father is probably laughing his ass off.

As the Northwestern makes it to Dutch for their offload, Mandy arrives on time. First, she must obtain her fishing license, and once that is done; she is ready to join the crew on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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