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‘Deadliest Catch’ warns 'Be Careful What You Wish For’ on Discovery

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski of Deadliest Catch boat Cape Caution
Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski of Deadliest Catch boat Cape Caution
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Last night's season ten premiere episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Be Careful What You Wish For.” As a new season begins, the docks are packed with boats preparing for the journey for king crabs. However, a government shut-down is affecting the entire fleet. With no end in sight, the fishermen are deadlocked because there is nobody in the offices to issue a permit so they can go fishing. With 800,000 federal workers furloughed, their hands are tied.

The Northwestern is at the dock loading their pots. Captain Sig Hansen is talking to his brother Edgar, as they discuss the return of Jake Anderson. No longer an aspiring captain, he is back where he learned it all. Starting again on the bottom, taking care of bait bags, after having a fight with Matt Bradley, he was hired to hopefully become the captain of the Kiska Sea. Now with his tail between his legs, he is back on the Northwestern.

On the Time Bandit, Sunshine has joined the crew from the Northwestern. The former greenhorn is now greenhorn again on the Time Bandit, and nobody comes on this boat without getting pranked. Johnathan decides to send Sunshine to the Northwestern to spray paint TB on the wheelhouse window. But the TB crew is a bunch of double crossers, as they call Sig ahead of time to warn him that their ex-deckhand is on his way over to spray paint his boat.

On the Cape Caution, Captain Bill Wichrowski is breaking in their own greenhorn, 31 year-old Louisiana shrimper, Kelly Collins, who they nicknamed Tinkerbelle, and he hates the name.

On the Seabrooke, Junior is adjusting the lights on the mast and wrenches his already bad back. He has a blown disk in his back, but has not let the crew know. His doctor warned him not to go fishing, but he has bills to pay. He hopes to make it through the season, and worry about the surgery after fishing.

On the Wizard, Monte is at the helm as they prepare the boat. Keith went to Washington, D.C. to testify at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing about their fishing debacle. As the captains and crews watch from a bar in Dutch Harbor, their spokesman is testifying, and asking for the shutdown to end, so they can go fishing and pay their bills, just like everyone else affected by this shutdown. But when the day arrived for the fleet to go out, the shutdown was continuing.

Captain Elliott Neese of the Saga, tells fans that things are so much better at home, and he has a new attitude. But he has bills to pay too, and is planning to go red crab fishing this year; something new for him. Joining him again this season is his father, Mike.

As the Time Bandit crew preps Sunshine, who is now known as Moonbeam for his midnight descent on the Northwestern, his face is painted black and his clothes are all black, including a ski mask. As the crew was awaiting his arrival, a net was dropped on him and he was doused with water as he hung by a hook on the deck, then they threw flour on him and finally let him down. He was transformed from a black ninja to a white mummy, as everyone from both boats had a good laugh.

Several days after the start of the king crab season, the shutdown was finally over. Now everyone leaves together, and hunt for the best grounds. Before they leave, the fleet is given a blessing from a local priest. Kelly Collins has his own southern tradition, for everyone on the boat to kiss a quarter, but Captain Bill has his own superstitions and does not kiss it. Once they are ready to head out, the starter on the engine will not work, as Kelly just leers into the camera with an “I told you so” look.

Captain Sig is going to grounds they have not visited in a long time. Before they drop their first pot, the tradition of biting the head off a warm herring is practiced, and the new guy is Jake, and the pots start dropping.

At the dock, the Cape Caution is still sitting, as the crew tries to find out why. Kelly believes there is a ghost on the boat. Finally the boat starts as the night is upon them, and Kelly is called to the wheelhouse where Captain Bill kisses the quarter, then Kelly throws it overboard, paying toll to the keepers of the bad juju.

On the Time Bandit, the Coast Guard sends a message that they are coming aboard. Their boarding can delay the fishing for a long as four hours. Johnathan is trying to fish, and needs no more delays. As they finally drop their last pot, the crew comes aboard, after about a half hour, they find everything in order and depart the deck to their skiff.

On the Seabrooke, Junior’s back is really giving him grief, as they drop the last pots of a ten-hour set. The rough seas and long time in the chair, he is feeling every nerve in his body screaming. When he tells his crew that they are taking a break and letting the pots soak, they are in shock, as this is unusual for Junior.

The Wizard is getting ready to drop their pots, but first Freddy has to do his ritual of drinking the cod blood and rubbing it on his face, then the rest of the crew joins in and Keith comes down from the wheelhouse to seal the ritual. As the first pot comes over the rail, they hit the jackpot, with a load of 83 crabs. And the pots keep coming, thanks to the cod blood.

With all superstitions in place, the Northwestern is pulling their first pot, and it contains 61 crabs, including a rider. As the pots are rolling in, they get a Coast Guard warning that an EPIRB distress beacon has been received from a boat called the Western Venture. It was reported on fire at eight this morning with five persons on board. When the Coast Guard C-130 surveillance plane spots the boat, it is engulfed in flames. They spot five people in a life raft, but the plane can only keep an eye on them until the helicopter reaches the scene. But the Aleutian Beauty, a Good Samaritan boat reaches the scene and pulls all five guys to safety, but the boat is a total loss. Thank God for the Coast Guard and those boats who help out their fellow fishermen.

Junior is in excruciating pain, and fortunately Brad Petefish, his relief captain is able to drive the boat. While Junior feels every roll, pitch and yaw a thousand times over, he must regret not listening to his doctor, but he is the captain. Brad gives him the good news that they are on the crab, as pots come up with big numbers.

On the Cape Caution, they are the last to arrive at the crab grounds and start dropping pots, but Kelly is too slow and is harassed by the crew. Bill knows that some criticism is too harsh, but a greenhorn is the lowest man on the totem pole, and he has to suck it up.

On the Saga, Elliott is anxious to see if there are crab in the pots. Having never fished for red crab before, he is hoping his prospect strings are all indications that they must be dropped back. He wants his father to throw the first hook, and it is a miss, but the next one is not and the pot has crabs and back down they go.

Just when they are all on the crab, a massive arctic storm is headed their way. Just when the Cape Caution is ready to haul the first pot and it has just a few crabs. The next one is empty, and now they have to pull them up and set them elsewhere. The crew is relentless with their harping on the greenhorn, but this is life on a crab boat and each horn gets their turn and each captain was a greenhorn once upon a time.

The storm came in with a vengeance sending waves over the decks, but with the season cut short, they have to work through it. Kelly is down for the count, and Bill is asked to talk to him. He had not eaten or taken liquids, the worst thing he can do when they need him so badly on a four-man crew. Bill made him get up and eat, then he told him to hit the rack for another short while. He should be feeling better soon, and Bill told him how much he is needed.

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