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‘Deadliest Catch’ spoilers: Crab attacks, government shutdown, family issues

Fans of Discovery's hit series “The Deadliest Catch ” will not be surprised to find out that the show has its dangerous moments. Entering its 10th season the show promises even more epic moments this year. Today Capt. "Wild" Bill Wichrowski appeared on the "Today" show Monday, and shared the moment a crab almost pinched off the finger of a young family man during the series shooting. Crabs can exert enough force to pinch off fingers according to statements in the interview. Preventing injuries is dependent on the reactions of crew to save both crab and man.

Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski: Captain of Cape Caution on "The Deadliest Catch"
courtesy Discovery

What follows is a spoiler for newly returned "The Deadliest Catch" and fans not wishing to know details should turn away now. When telling the story about the crab attack , Captain Wichrowski paints a picture of utter confusion as the new guy (Kelly Collins) is screaming in pain and the crew is more worried about the crab's safety than that of Kelly Collins. With the crew screaming at Collins to be careful of the crab and Collins screaming in pain - we wonder why eardrums were not shattered. But all the screaming is understandable, after all the crab is worth money and they don't want the crab broken as that would make the crab without any value at all. Thankfully, as we will see in tomorrow night's episode Kelly Collins was not injured. As the Captain explained:

"So when it came up, it was real important to save that crab. If you break a leg, they're gonna die, and if they're dead, they're not worth anything."

According to KTLA on Monday, the captain is excited about the new season and shared some moments that were dangerous and tidbits about the upcoming show. Evidently his son has joined the Cape Caution team as a captain candidate. Working with family is something that many professionals caution people to avoid and the Captain admits that it can be difficult to work with his son.

This season Captain Sig Hansen's daughter Mandy joins the crew for adventure on the season and that prevents a few challenges of its own. But, as Mandy tells everyone, "It's in my blood." She seems to handle the challenges fine at this point, but later in the season may be a different story.

This season promises to have bad weather, crab catching and new challenges for the year. The cold and foreboding Bering Sea is not a friendly place for those navigating during the stormy weather. When making a living by fishing or crabbing, there can be no excuse for not bringing in the catch to make money. Excitement can arise at a moment's notice. We may see a ship going underwater this year if the preview video is accurate, at the very least the men will fight to keep the boat afloat.

With government shut downs costing the team a large percentage of their income - we are sure that there is going to be some tension this season as the pace picks up to meet new monetary goals. Motivating the team will be difficult with the lowered pay and the long, difficult hours.

Discovery is pulling out all the stops. Fans also can join in Discovery's social game, "The Deadliest Catch Fantasy Game" and choose a team to join and follow for this season. Fans can also catch the show with live content added via Discovery Plus.

Watch the trailer episode above and then tune in on Tuesday night at 9 p.m, ET on Discovery channel.

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