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‘Deadliest Catch’ sees two captains 'Falling Down’ on Discovery

Finally have something to smile about on the Cape Caution
Finally have something to smile about on the Cape Caution
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tuesday's episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Falling Down.” As the episode begins, the bairdi season is beginning, but the Time Bandit is still on the red crab grounds. Scotty threw down the gauntlet to his father, Johnathan to throw the hook, but after the problems he has had in the past two years, he had better be careful. When he nailed the first one, he did not hit himself in the face this time. He nails the second one. As Scotty is driving the boat at full speed, Daddy nails the third and fourth one too. Back to the wheelhouse, to cap off the tanks, and each deckhand heads home with $53,000.

As the crew of the Saga preps for their bairdi season, Elliott is lamenting the papers he was served, and wants to make it right with Val, so he can be a family again and be with the kids he loves. As he tries to call her and make things right, she refuses to listen to him. He is so mixed up because the last time they saw each other, things were ok. As the crew was getting things ready, Elliott took a walk to the bar.

On the Seabrooke, relief skipper Brad Petefish is in the wheelhouse while Junior is in the hospital, after finally accepting the fact that he could take no more pain. His loyal crew is feeling bad for him, but want to do a good job in his absence. In Walla Walla, Wash., Junior is lying in his bed with his dog by his side. As his wife helps him up, they are on the way to the hospital. His MRI is finally done, and now they await the results.

On the Northwestern, Edgar is thrilled with his decision to hit the crab grounds of his choice and not his brother’s. Jake Anderson is now the deck boss again, while Edgar drives. Suddenly, the starboard engine is overheating, as Jake heads to the engine room, when the boat loses power. Jake restores the power with the backup engine, but that soon fails as the main engine is not cooperating. Jake tells Edgar they lost all the water in the starboard auxiliary. Edgar must return to the wheelhouse, and orders Jake to get the engine running. As Jake tries feverishly to fix the problem, 180 degree fluid is rushing out of the engine. A cracked and dried-up O-ring was the problem, but Jake got it fixed and the boat is running again, just in time to reach the next string.

As the crew of the Saga is waiting for their captain, but he is nowhere to be found, but in the bar, Elliott is at the bar drinking his troubles away. When he returned to the wheelhouse, he is not ready to drive the boat in his condition, and talks about his past drug usage.

On the Cape Caution, Wild Bill reaches his first string of the bairdi season. It’s been ten years since they went bairdi fishing, and Bill tells that crews would quit rather than go for bairdi. Now he is out again, and still has his reluctant greenhorn, Kelly Collins aboard, who has tried every way to get off the boat, except for jumping overboard. Nick tries to make Kelly feel at home, by drawing stripes on his rain gear. When Bill saw Kelly in the rain gear, he said it looked more like a pimp suit because the stripes were going the wrong way. The first pot is loaded with 97 bairdi crabs. For once everyone on the boat is smiling; even Kelly.

At Providence St. Mary Medical Center, Scott Campbell Jr.’s livelihood is hanging in the balance. The doctor talks to Scott and his family, but a short-term fix is not going to be the answer. If he does not have the fusion, he may never drive the boat again.

On the other hand, Elliott is still in the harbor on the sixteenth day of bairdi season, while his crew waits for his binge to be over. When his father, Mike, a member of his crew comes to talk to him, he tries to reason with him and have him agree to go to rehab. He avers in his inebriated state that he would give up anything in the world to have Val. As the episode ends, Elliott is on his way to rehab on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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