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'Deadliest Catch' season 10: Severed finger, stunt crab, pleasuring on high seas

Deadliest Catch” airs the season 10 opening episode tonight on the Discovery Channel and those brazen, bold and weathered captains that the fans adore had a few spoilers to share in a recent interview. Captain Jonathan Hillstrand from the Time Bandit and Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski from the Cape Caution call this the “bloodiest season” yet on “Deadliest Catch, according to Yahoo TV on April 21.

"Deadliest Catch" season 10 opens as "bloodiest season" yet!
Discovery Channel "Deadliest Catch"

So what do fans have to look forward to this season? A severed finger for one thing. Then there's Junior’s excruciating back pain, which makes one of the most deadly jobs in the world a bit harder for him. Then the captains hinted to a “stunt crab.” All this drama is entertaining, but when you get down to brass tacks, the captains are facing a shortened crab season and the stress just builds from there, according to the Mercury News today.

These guys are well-rounded men who have the right amount of gruffness and who throw caution to the wind when it comes to modesty. Most of all, when the chips are down, their compassion shines through like a lighthouse on a stormy night. Besides entertaining the masses with their dangerous jobs, they are great human beings.

Fans have seen them angered and they’ve seen them cry, but it is because these captains let the cameras in on some of their most personal moments that you can’t help but love these guys! When TMZ caught up with “Wild Bill” recently somehow the conversation got around to finding a way to calm yourself at sea and how to cope with those sleepless nights.

Leaving all modesty behind “Wild Bill” talked about the need for “relieving oneself” through masturbation while on the high seas. Apparently there’s a ritual around this self-pleasuring act which starts with finding the privacy to do so. While many might call this just too much information, it is just one more incident that shows modesty doesn’t take a front and center position when it comes to this ship’s captain.

It has been a few season’s since a fan favorite left the fleet, Captain Phil. He died a few episodes back and the captains and the crew from several boats mourned as if he were their brother. In the world of the “Deadliest Catch” he was kin to these open water dwellers. It was tough for fans to watch the show without Phil and for sure, most people would say no one can take his place.

Yahoo TV, suggests you watch the Season 10 opener to catch Jake Anderson making a "humbling return" to Sig's boat. He had to ask for his job back while the cameras were rolling. It was a bit uncomfortable for Anderson, who had left and worked on other boats and even wrote a book. He knew where he belonged, back with Sig on the Northwestern.

Let's face it Sig is not a guy you want to ever have to say "you're sorry" to, so you stay clear of ever doing anything wrong to avoid that possibility. He is one of the few captains on this show that you can't help but respect. As far as respecting your boss while out at sea, Sig makes that an easy task for his crew.

The new people that have joined the show since Phil’s death are great, like “Wild Bill.” It is the old tried and true, like Johnathan and Sig, who you find yourself looking for as soon as the episode opens up. These two have been with “Deadliest Catch” for the long-run so yes, they are the crowd favorites.

One thing that is mentioned on this new season, which might not make the edit for the show, is eating crab with butter. The captains say that if you need to dunk your crab in melted butter to make it taste good, it is because the crab is old. Fresh crab doesn’t need a thing, claim these experts who work in the most unforgiving deep water in the world to bring those crabs to your table.

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