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‘Deadliest Catch’ must deal with ‘Sabotage’ on Discovery

Captain Wild Bill had to deal with Sabotage on the Cape Caution
Captain Wild Bill had to deal with Sabotage on the Cape Caution
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On a recent episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Sabotage.” As the episode begins, the Northwestern is ready for offload, and Mandy is going home, proud of herself for the job she did. Before she left, she earned her Northwestern jacket. Great job, Mandy!

As Sig drives her to the airport, he reminds her that a different boat or crew would not have been as easy. He reminds her that the job is the hardest one, but she is determined to be back. Sig reminds her that their grandmother wanted Edgar to be a preacher.

On the Cornelia Marie, Casey is at the helm, and finally, the crabs are filling the pots. One problem; there are only two days to catch 60,000 pounds, and these borrowed pots are being baited and returned to their owners. As Casey received a phone call, they are granted an extension on the borrowed pots which will make it easier to catch the quota. To add to the good news, Josh is sorting crabs to help make it easier. But Casey did not tell the crew that they were keeping the pots, and when he told them to put cod in the pots, they ignored his command, and Josh went along with it. Casey then called a meeting to tell them that when he is at the helm, he is in command and to obey his orders; no matter what Josh says.

The Time Bandit is in dry dock to have the new propeller added to the boat. They sheared off a prop while fishing. Now they are a week behind, and Andy has to head home to tend to previous obligations. He puts a call to his brother Johnathan to come and take over.

On the Cape Caution, as the crew is elated that they filled their tanks with their quota and are going home, when they receive the news that Wild Bill has upped his quota, and they are not going home yet. He gave orders to cut back on bait and continue fishing. The crew is not happy, but Bill says they will fish until they run out of bait. Myles Johnson expected to be back to school, so he puts more bait in the pots instead of less. Deck boss Nick caught him in the act and immediately called him out on it. Bill overheard this and called him to the wheelhouse, and announced to the crew that he would have more bait brought on and keep them out for two more weeks. When Myles faced the executioner, he was told how pissed-off Bill was, and remarkably, Bill kept his cool, but asked Myles for the phone number of the school.

On the Wizard, they were rewarded with the best numbers of the season, but they are 500 miles from Dutch Harbor, in the northernmost crab grounds and far away from Coast Guard assistance. Suddenly, a loud noise shakes the boat, as a pot hits the propeller and shuts the main engine down. Fortunately, the pot breaks loose and Monty gets the main back on. The pot is damaged, and the engine is wobbly. This means that either the prop is bent or the shaft is bent; with the latter being the most detrimental.

On the Cornelia Marie, Josh takes the wheel and Casey hits the rail. He throws the hook and pulls up the first pot of this string. Good numbers and they continue to come over the rail. When the last pot of the season comes up, it is so full of crabs, there is no room for another. Josh calmly tells Casey that it was the borrowed pot without cod, and Casey tells him to shut up.

On the Cape Caution, the deckhands offer Myles $100 to jump in the tank and come up with a crab. As he strips down to his shorts, he jumps in and comes up with a crab in his mouth. Nice job for $100, but he is freezing his behind off from the icy water.

In Dutch Harbor, the Time Bandit is seaworthy after a few days of repairs with Captain Johnathan at the helm, with his blood pressure back to normal. Now out to sea to find the rest of their quota.

The Cornelia is pulling into harbor for what could be their last offload. Casey tells Josh he has good news and bad news. So Josh opts for the bad news first, Casey tells him they did not hit their quota number, but the good news was they went over the quota! Josh was thrilled, Phil and the crab gods were working for the Cornelia. However, that was not the best news; a fisherman came aboard to return a buoy bag to Josh, one that was dropped in a pot by the Wizard. It read; “If this pot is found, leave in memory of Phil Harris 2010.” The buoy drifted 100 miles, and Keith knew the buoy drifted back to the Cornelia Marie for a reason; he believes that Phil is trying to send Josh a message that he is proud of him on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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