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‘Deadliest Catch’ just loves 'Skipper Harris in Training’ on Discovery

Captain Bill of Deadliest Catch has more problems with greenhorns
Captain Bill of Deadliest Catch has more problems with greenhorns
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tonight’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Skipper Harris in Training.” As the episode begins, the Cornelia Marie is facing his first pots of the opilio season, but wants Casey to lead the way, as the waves are coming across the deck. Josh stands behind the skipper, as the first pot comes up empty. Not even a rider aboard that pot. The second one is no better, as Josh is lamenting his choice of where to drop the pots. The weather is as uncooperative, as the crabs, so Casey pulls the deckhands off their shift. Josh went down to talk to the crew, and reassure them that better days are coming.

On the Cape Caution, Bill is having better luck, as his pots are coming up full, and Bill is one happy captain. However, on the deck, it is a different story; as Deck Boss Nick is breaking Myles, the greenhorn’s balls. Zack would rather teach him what to do, rather than use the old-school approach of just yelling at him.

On the Wizard, they are far north of the rest of the fleet, in fact; all communications on the radio are in Russian. Captain Keith is dangerously close to the Russian border and there is a precarious amount of ice on the boat, as they run the risk of capsizing. Forty tons of extra weight are making the boat a perilous place to be. The crew realizes that they waited too long to come out and start chopping away, but it is worse than it has ever been, and Keith is worried that either someone could get hurt or the boat could capsize. Finally, they drop their first pot of the season, and hope the weather subsides.

On the Cape Caution, the hot streak continues, as they set back the pots. The greenhorn is working as hard as he can, but Nick continues to ride his behind. Suddenly, the pot takes a bad smack on the rail and hits Myles on the nose, breaking his nose and leaving a serious gash on his nose between his eyes. Blood is gushing all over the place, as Bill comes down to the galley to check on his greenhorn. As Zack tapes up his laceration, he must sit upright for several hours to make sure he does not have a concussion, but Myles wants to return to the deck for his crew mates.

On the Northwestern, the weather is not cooperating for them either, but the pots are coming up with good amounts. Matt Bradley felt the heat when he touched the panel of the fuses, and Edgar knows they are pushing the electricity too far. Rather than risk a fire, Edgar has to fix the situation before it is too late. As Edgar shuts all power down, Jake must come up to the wheelhouse and steer the boat by hand again, this time in turbulent seas. As Edgar switches everything back on, it seems to hold for now. When Sig’s phone rings, his wife tells him that she gave her approval for Mandy to go fishing on the boat. Sig, hoped his wife would nix the idea, but she knows her daughter has Northwestern blood running in her veins. So Mandy will soon be joining the crew.

On the Wizard, they are ready to find out of Keith’s gamble paid. As the first pot comes over the rail, there are 310 good crabs in the pot and the rest are chock full on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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