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Deadliest Catch greenhorn Joshua Tel Warner arrested for 3 bank robberies



  • bozo jones 6 years ago

    hey i think hes kool. i mean bank robbery is like da koolest.
    Isnt it?

  • peg falkenhayn 6 years ago

    Those men do have the dealdiest job. I hope, because I'm a devoted fan. That, this has no effect on my favorite show

  • Det. parlov 6 years ago

    you're an idiot if you think hes kool...Hes a criminal and a stupid one at that and your name fits you perfectly you bozo!!!!!

  • metalbigman 6 years ago

    RETARD!! If you are going to commit a high profile crime. The last thing you want to do is be in the worlds eye. Going on a show that is viewed by millions.With cameras on you 24 hours a day, right after you just committed a bank robbery.Sure stupidity. You deserve everything you get.

  • joshiesauntie 5 years ago

    I really wish you all could know the messed up life this kid had. from beating to fending off an abusive older brother. parents who thought about themselves instead of their children. God will forgive him and you all should be so luck to have lives that you love. I know he is hurting and just looking to be noticed by someone. maybe that is why he went on a TV program and robbed those banks. I tried to help him more then once but the damage was already done. I LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!!!

  • steve 5 years ago

    blame everything bad that happens in your life on your childhood! this concept is a joke!! millions of people have had bad childhoods..they dont rob banks... steal..kill etc... i cant stand when some scumbag lawyer sits in court and blames a bad childhood!!! grow up and live life!! move on and dont steal/rob... this kid robs a bank and goes on a show!! i bet his parents made him do it! doubt it he is just stupid!

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