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‘Deadliest Catch’ find out something is 'Against the Law’ on Discovery

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit on Deadliest Catch
Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit on Deadliest Catch
Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images

Tonight's episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Against the Law.” As the episode opens, the deadline has been shortened, as the boats race to make their quotas. To add to the misery, the sea is not giving up her bounty without one hell of a fight. As the boats are tossed, waves coming over the rail, fishermen sliding on jellyfish that come up with the crabs, it is a truly deadly job.

On the Seabrooke, every wave and roll makes Junior’s back scream in pain, as he tries to make it through the season. As the pots come over the rail, the numbers are not good, adding to Junior’s pain. Finally, a pot has a decent number in it, and subsequent pots are looking better and better.

On the Wizard, Monty always takes the boat out for bairdi crabs after king crab season is over. The crew knows Monty is the bairdi king, but Keith tells him because of the beating the boat took on the red crab price, he is taking the helm because he has bills to pay. Monty tells him that there are knuckleheads like Elliott running boats, and Monty has taken the trip for six or seven years now, and Keith has never done it. Monty is finally handed the keys as Keith prepares to leave.

On the Time Bandit, they need the next string to come up loaded. The weather and bad crab count are hurting them badly and blanks are not a happy sight.

On the Northwestern, their luck is much better, as they stuff the tanks. So Sig calls for Johnathan to come up there and barricade the place with pots, to dissuade the fleet from moving north, and grab all the crabs they can get.

On the Saga, Elliott has been experiencing low numbers, after resetting the pots far north, he is hoping to see big numbers, but two blanks in a row, are causing the captain and crew to lose faith. After spending $240,000 for fuel, this is near catastrophic.

As the Time Bandit arrives on the Northwestern honey hole. One boat will drop pots east/west and the other north/south.

Captain Monty arrives on the bairdi grounds and starts dropping pots.

On the Saga, the first pot of the last string has 41 crabs, as the mood gets better, next has 53, and the rest are looking better and better. They acquired 120,000 pounds of red crab on Elliott’s first red crab season, and the crew will each receive $42,000.

As the bairdi crabs come over the rail, the numbers are looking great. When the phone rings in the wheelhouse, Monty hears that his gear was set out of the bairdi boundaries and the crab he has caught were illegal. Monte called Keith to tell him what happened and ask for advice. His brother told him that they must rail dump every pot and relocate them on safe grounds. The crew is more than dejected; they are just seeing their paychecks and hard work going over the rail.

The Northwestern and Time Bandit are alone in the hot spot. No other boats will dare to drop pots near theirs, as it is sealed up tight. Now for finding the crabs. When the Time Bandit pulls the first pot, it is full of crabs. Both boats are filled with crabs, but they have one more task, sending Sunshine to the Northwestern to go bairdi fishing with the other crew. They fill a pot with buoy bags, and send him over to the Northwestern with his gear. As both boats are cheering all the way.

The final red crab count ends at:

Northwestern with 210,000

Wizard, 132,000

Time Bandit 125,040

Saga 120,000

Seabrooke 82,000

Cape Caution 75,500

As the red crab season ends on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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