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‘Deadliest Catch’ experiences 'Blonde Ambition’ on Discovery

Sig and his daughter Mandy of Deadliest Catch
Sig and his daughter Mandy of Deadliest Catch
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Last night’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Blonde Ambition.” As the episode begins, on the Northwestern, Mandy Hansen is the new greenhorn. Now Sig is worried about catching crab, getting the boat and crew home safely, and his 18-year-old daughter. It is fortunate that the seas are calm; unlike the last trip, but on the Bering Sea, nice weather does not last long.

As a Northwestern tradition, she bites the head off a herring, to prove she has what it takes. Her Uncle Edgar gives her some pointers before they start, she is gonna be tired and stinky. As usual, the greenhorn has the worst job on the boat, doing the bait, and getting yelled at. Sig states that she will crash, because everyone does.

On the Wizard, they are having an awesome catch, as he traveled up as far north as possible, while staying out of Russian waters. Keith warns the crew to be extra careful because they are far away from any help they can get from the Coast Guard. The crew must grind until they fill the tanks, and as a pot comes over the rail, along with several high waves; Roger gets stuck between the pot and the sorting table, which could have broken his back. Keith orders the crew not to move him, and sends Gary to the wheelhouse. Keith orders him to his bunk while the crew works with a man down.

On the Saga, Elliott’s crew is grinding as they are filling the tanks with just fourteen hours left. Dave Fischer, the new greenhorn was pulled from the sinking Arctic Hunter. Elliott gave him a job, knowing that he has a family. The crew is not happy with him because he is slow, but Elliott sees that he is not really doing a good job, and the crew is starting to lose their temper with him as he wants to fight Dave when they get to the dock. When Elliott called him to the wheelhouse, he assured him that everything was fine and seemed contrite.

On the Northwestern, Mandy is getting lessons for throwing the buoy bags and is warned never to lift her feet, so the rope does not get tangled around her legs. Then Sig calls her to the wheelhouse to set the next string, as Jake Anderson is feeling hurt because he has never given the opportunity by Sig to set a string. However, she is his daughter, and it is a family boat. When she had to name the string. Jake suggested, “My Little Pony,” which she agreed to, and that was its name.

On the Wizard, Keith goes to check on Roger, who is complaining about his back, and still in his bunk. Keith tells him to stay put. As they are continuing to work with one crewman short, Lenny takes a bad fall and probably breaks a few ribs. Lenny is as Keith calls him a crusty old bastard, who works through pain, as he stays on deck.

In Dutch Harbor, the Saga is ready for an offload. Elliott no longer drinks and parties, but has to go into town to get to the store. The crew leaves Dave to watch over the offload. One of the guys conducting the offload tells Dave to move the picking boom, so he goes into the wheelhouse to move it, and breaks the shaft on the boom. As the crew returns, they see what happened and cannot believe Dave did this. Now they cannot leave until the boom is repaired, and Elliott did not see it yet!

On shore, Keith brings his two injured crewmen to the doctor. After x-rays were taken, Roger has a intercostal muscle sprain, and Lenny had a broken rib. Both guys will manage their pain with medication.

When Elliott returned, he ordered Dave off the boat, as he stated he could fix it for free. Rather than even think about how he could fix the boom; he just banished him from his boat. Now it is Elliott’s responsibility to repair the boom, or the season is over.

Sig is ready to pull Mandy’s string, and sure enough; it is a winner and Edgar gives her a high five. When the last pot of the string comes over the rail, Jake christens her with a huge bucket of water. Welcome to the Northwestern, Mandy on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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