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‘Deadliest Catch’ becomes a 'Family Affair’ on Discovery Channel

Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard on Deadliest Catch
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz

Tonight's episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Family Affair.” With the government shutdown finally over, the fleet is currently behind schedule. Now the market deadline is approaching, and it is an all-out battle to get the best price for their crabs. The weather forecast predicts the impending storm will be right in the path of the fleet.

On the Cape Caution, greenhorn Kelly Collins is not doing well. This guy came with credentials out the wazoo, an ex-Marine, worked fishing boats on the gulf and more, but the Bering Sea seems to be his downfall. Captain Bill has already forced him to get up and eat something, then gave him a reprieve for a while. Now it is time for him to man up and get to work. With the first pots a disappointment, the next string better be full. Now the rest of the crew is forced to pick up the slack as he is almost useless. When a deckhand slacks off, he is a danger to the rest of the crew. Captain Bill promises that Kelly is not done yet.

On the Seabrooke, Junior’s back is killing him as he tries to make it through, he takes a pain pill and just hopes it has magical powers. Each wave of the sea makes his back scream in pain. As Junior describes the pain, he sees his crew getting pushed and shoved with each pitch of the boat, although he is in a chair, his herniated disk is feeling every movement a thousand times over as his doctor’s warning not to fish rings in his ears.

On the Saga, Elliot has 30,000 pounds of crabs on the boat, and hopes to double it today. This first-time red crabber is having beginner's luck, until the numbers start to decline and the honey hole goes south, as most are females and juveniles, which must be returned to the sea.

On the Northwestern, Sig is far north and the storm is rearing its ugly head, and 100,000 pounds of crab already onboard, as they try to haul the next string, three of the four forward deck lights are not working as he tries to find his pots. To add to the misery, the fourth one goes out too. Now Edgar has to climb the 64-foot mast to check them, so he brings Jake Anderson with him as the 55-mile winds continue to blow. It is not the light bulbs, as they quickly find out and get down as fast as possible. Now what seemed to be a quick fix, is a six-hour repair. So they took a light from another area and mounted it where it shone into the sea. Going back up the mast was not a good choice, as the winds further intensified. Soon the light was working, and Sig got a Coast Guard message that a boat was in trouble. He hears that the helicopter is rushing to the fisherman who is in distress with a life-threatening blood clot in his lung. As they attempt to drop the stretcher basket down, the 100 knot winds are making it difficult to be on target. On the second try, they load the fisherman in the basket and prepare to lift him and bring him into the chopper to work on him immediately as they take him to the hospital.

On the Time Bandit, deck boss Scotty Hillstrand gets pep talk/orders from his father Johnathan. Since Mike Fourtner retired, Scotty became deck boss, and now it is his job to teach his crew what to do and make sure they do it. It is like My Three Sons on the deck, as his son, his brother Neal’s son Axel and Eddie’s son Eddie Uwekoolani Jr. are also on the boat. The waves continue to wash over the fishermen as they fight for their livelihood, but when it gets too hard to hold the pots, Johnathan calls off fishing for the night.

On the Northwestern, Sig has the same idea, as does Junior, but these captains want their crews alive to fish another day. On the Cape Caution, they are still fishing with three and a half deckhands, but they started late and need to keep working. When the first pot comes up, it is a disappointment with only nine keepers. However, the pots get better as Kelly aka Tinkerbelle becomes a member of the crew and starts earning respect on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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