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‘Deadliest Catch’ assists a sinking boat 'On the Rocks’ on Discovery

Wizard and Northwestern in Dutch Harbor
Wizard and Northwestern in Dutch Harbor
Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday's episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “On the Rocks.” As the episode opens, most of the fleet has gotten their share of the red crab bounty, and are headed out to bairdi grounds.

Captain Edgar is summoned to the wheelhouse by his brother Sig. He will be doing the bairdi run, while Sig goes home for some rest. Before he leaves, Sig gives some unwanted and unsolicited advice to Edgar. When Edgar shows him where he wants to drop gear, Sig is not in agreement and tells him where he should drop his gear. Sig told him if he was taking the boat out, he would drop the gear in a different place. He reminds him each day they do not catch crabs; it is $3,000 in lost fuel. As Edgar pulls out of Dutch Harbor, he is happy to see Sig leaving, who reminded him that he has 30 years of experience on him.

On the Saga, Elliott has just offloaded his king crab and would like to rush home to take his kids trick or treating. Even if he cannot work it out with Val, he still wants a relationship with his kids. Thirty minutes before he flies home, a visitor comes aboard the Saga; an Alaskan State Trooper. He is there to serve Elliott with papers demanding nearly $50,000 for back child support. As Elliott heads to the airport, the trooper spots him and tries to serve him. As Elliott tries to avoid the trooper, he finally gets the papers and does not fly home, so off to bairdi crabbing.

On the Cape Caution, greenhorn Kelly tries to wangle out of his duties by telling Captain Bill that he had a warrant served against him. Bill knows every trick in the book, and does not fall for his baloney. Kelly feels that prison could not be any worse than being on the Cape Caution.

As a May Day call comes into the Coast Guard, a boat is in trouble. The Arctic Hunter has hit rocks and is sinking, only two miles from Dutch Harbor. When the pon pon alert came over the radio, Elliott knows that his friend is driving the boat. A pon pon is a notice from the USCG of a boat with trouble, or a person in the water. It's a notice to all boaters to help if they can. The Coast Guard is 40-minutes away, and Elliott will not let them sit in the water that long. As all hands on the boat prepare for rescue, Elliott knows that he must be extremely careful, or he could hit the rocks and go down too. As Elliott makes radio contact with his friend Brett, he warns him to be cautious of the rocks. As Dave from the Saga swims out to the life raft, with a rope, so they can pull them in. Sadly, someone on the raft drops the rope leaving them dangerously close to the rocks. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard, as the Saga hits the rocks too. Fortunately, major damage to the Saga. But they must save the six crewmen, and send his father Mike, into the 36-degree water. He makes it to the raft and brings the rope. This time, they tie it to the raft, and gingerly pull them to safety. Elliott is now grateful that he did not go home.

Junior is out crabbing for bairdi, but after five hours, he is ready to jump overboard with the pain. It causes him to puke several times out the wheelhouse window. Finally, he calls Brad Petefish, his relief skipper to take over as he lies in his bunk hoping for any relief.

In Dutch Harbor, the Cape Caution is getting ready for bairdi, after unloading their red crab. Before he lets Kelly go, he calls his bluff and phones the marshal in Alabama to check his story. He was telling the truth, he was charged with a Class C felony after building a machine gun from parts he got from a catalog, he was in an accident, and the gun was confiscated. Now he faces up to ten years for the possession.

After lying down for a short while with the heating pad, Elliott comes back to the wheelhouse for the last four pots and sends the crew for chow. He tells the crew how badly he feels and does not want to let them down. However, the decision is made to bring him back to Dutch Harbor.

On the Southern grounds, Edgar sets a test string, contrary to Sig’s warning. He names the string Cluster F. The first pot comes up with no crabs, but the door is broken, so it may be the reason. The second has five, and the next one has fifty. So back they go.

Because Elliott hit the rocks, he sends a diver down to check the hull for damage. He is not taking a chance out on the Bering Sea if there is a problem. Despite a dent in the hull, the boat is fine, no leaks inside or outside.

As the episode closes, the crews see the Arctic Hunter half underwater, the wheelhouse is collapsed. Wild Bill tells viewers that the boat has been around since the 1980s, and many men have made their living on the boat, when one goes down, it is taking a part of history away.

Elliott laments on the day. He received a notice that he owes $50,000 to Val; he rescued his best friend’s crew from the Bering Sea. Now he is sad; his friend just got back with his wife, bought a new house, sent his kid to private school, and now he is out of a job on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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