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‘Deadliest Catch’ allows ‘Women Drivers’ on Discovery

Tough shoes for Josh Harris to fill!
Tough shoes for Josh Harris to fill!
FV Cornelia Marie Facebook Page

Tonight’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Women Drivers.” As the episode begins, on the Northwestern, Mandy Hansen is missing from the deck, as the crew is searching for her. Jake finds her asleep in her bunk and as fishermen will do, she is flamed, as the crew usually does to someone who sleeps too long. They did not burn her, but Sig is not amused.

On the Cornelia Marie, the seas are rough, and Casey is at the helm. Several other boats helped them out by loaning them gear, but all is not pristine, as several shots are tangled, causing the crew lots of extra work, while the sea is relentless. So Josh brings back the Cornelia Marie tradition; the Mohawk, that brought lots of crabs in the past.

On the Saga, the crew is still in the harbor trying to repair the picking boom. The captain is picking up his girlfriend Jessica, who will be their cook, and the crew finds her easy on the eyes.

On the Cape Caution, Myles is back to work, and Wild Bill has his full crew back, too bad the crabs are not cooperating. As they stack the pots, they have to find crabs elsewhere. As they stack the pots, Nick decides to push the pots in place rather than use the crane. He overhears Zack state that he will not push the pots, and that causes Bill to seethe. However, when he gets an alarm that indicates water in the bow, he sends Zack down to find the problem. The bilge must be pumped regularly to keep the ship afloat, a job for the engineer, and his name is Zack! Now Bill’s patience is running out and calls Zack to the galley and rips him a new one in front of the crew. Now it is captain and engineer; no longer father and son.

On the Northwestern, Mandy needs to pick up the pace, as the pots are being dropped back, and must quickly be re-baited. The crew is not treating her like a lady, but like a greenhorn, as they yell for bait.

On the Saga, they are ready to pull out of the harbor, but Elliott is not feeling well. A doctor comes on the boat at the request of Jessica. Elliott is peeing blood, and the doctor feels that he has a kidney infection and gives him antibiotics. He should be feeling better in a few days.

On the Cornelia Maria, the Mohawks have done their job, as the first pot comes up with 335 crabs and they keep coming.

On the Northwestern, the nice weather is over, and now they must pay. Now Mandy sees what it is like to have waves come over the deck, and Sig cannot untie the knot in his stomach. So he calls her to the wheelhouse and puts her on the wheel to haul pots. Jake is lamenting her special treatment, as he cannot even tell her to do something, or he will get flack and questions her position on the boat; greenhorn or captain’s kid on this episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

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