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'Dead' three-year-old girl wakes up in coffin at own funeral, caught on video

There are strange things that happen in this world, such as the man waking up in a body bag at a funeral home, but it does get a bit weirder from there. The Independent reported on Monday, July 14, 2014, that a three-year-old girl actually woke up in a coffin as her family prepared everything for the little girl's own funeral in the Philippines.

A family was in shock as a three-year-old woke up in her coffin.
YouTube - ishareyoushareweshare

Believe it or not, someone was rolling with video and ended up capturing the entire thing on camera as it took place and the chaos started.

As per the Philippine Star, the girl was declared dead on Saturday of this past weekend. On Sunday, the family was preparing for her funeral service in a church in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur and there was sadness with everyone involved.

That was when things took a different turn.

The unnamed child apparently suffered a severe fever for a number of days and her parents brought her to the town clinic. Her condition worsened from Friday to Saturday, and she was declared dead.

“During that time, the attending clinic personnel and physician confirmed that the young patient had no more pulse and was clinically dead last Saturday morning about 9 a.m.,” Police Senior Inspector Heidil Teelan said.

While preparing for the funeral, an attendant removed the cover of the coffin to rearrange the remains of the girl and that was when they saw her head move. At this time, they checked the vital signs of the girl and realized she was indeed alive.

The parents of the girl brought her to the clinic where she got a complete check-up and assessment. Shortly after, the parents were able to take the girl home as she was well enough to be released.

“We really can not make confirmation on the status of the girl but based on the observation of the police personnel I deployed it appear the girl remained in a state of comatose in their house,” Teelan said.

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