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Dead Ted - The Cute Teddy With The Lethal Life

Dead Ted
Dead Ted
Dead TEd

Dead Ted is a character Sam Degen has been drawing for many years. He is a cute little Teddy Bear who Sam destroys in so many ways, you'll feel sorry for the poor little fella.

Sam is an amazing artist who has a rather dark sense of humor. His other artworks are online on his Facebook page. Sam inflicts various injuries on Dead Ted, but Ted always lives to fight another day. Dead Ted has the saddest eyes that make you just want to hug him and the sweetest personality. The Dead Ted Facebook page facebook/deadted1 has over 2000 likes since they started promoting it in late June 2014. The have found that their audience is between 1 to 24 year olds with at last count 53% Male & 47% Female. The girls seem to like the Cute Teddy and I'm pretty sure the guys like his unfortunate 'accidents'.

Grab some of their one of a kind perks here