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‘Dead Rising 3’ DLC won’t have co-op, 13 GB patch now required

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Dead Rising 3 fans were prompted to download a large 13-gigabyte patch today which is mandatory in order to continue to play the game online. Joystiq confirmed on Monday that the title update contains data necessary to prepare for its upcoming DLC releases.

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Also pertaining to the title’s add-ons, those who enjoy playing Dead Rising 3 cooperatively are in for some bad news after Dead Rising 3 producer Josh Bridge revealed to Xbox Wire on Jan 20 that neither Operation Broken Eagle nor any of the four planned DLC episodes of the popular zombie franchise will support cooperative mode.

Bridge claims that the decision to restrict the add-ons to single-player experiences was so that the developer could focus more on providing a unique side stories to the title’s primary campaign. All off the added weapons and other unlocks that will be added through the DLC packs, however, will still be usable within the main game and will thus be accessible for co-op play while the DLC story missions will be single-player online.

The news that a mere title update for a game could carry the hefty file size of 13 GB may come as a shock to many gamers. It may be hard for some to justify filling up their system’s limited hard drive space with a game patch that is almost as large of the title’s own file size.

Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3 is available now as an Xbox One exclusive.

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