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Dead or alive? Woman fights with bank trying to prove she's not dead

Who knew that being alive could be such a hard thing to prove? This was the case for one woman in St. Louis, Missouri who is fighting with a couple of banks, trying to prove to them that she isn't dead according to a video news report. Kimberly Haman has been denied a mortgage refinance and she can't get certain credit cards because the banks insist that she's not alive... but clearly she is.

Haman first noticed that something wasn't quite right when her credit score dropped in 2012 and the bank wouldn't approve her for a loan. She did some digging and soon learned that -- for some reason -- she was listed as "deceased" in the bank's database.

The banks haven't been very helpful in giving Haman her life back (pun intended) so she has filed a lawsuit against them. She's hoping that she wins the case and that she will be able to resume life as she once knew it. Check out the video above for more on this strange story.

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