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'Dead Island 2' on PC, PS4 and Xbox One compared to 'Dead Island'

'Dying Light'
'Dying Light'
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

Several new comparisons have been made in regards to "Dead Island 2," which was officially announced at E3 2014. According to a report from Joystiq on June 12, the sequel was confirmed to be in development with a computer-generated trailer that was shown off during Sony Computer Entertainment's press conference. Along with the PS4, the same title will also be coming out on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans of the first game as well as "Dead Island: Riptide" should find some familiar elements with the sequel. Players are still going to be using an assortment of crafted weapons along with environmental hazards and vehicles to ward off the infected zombies in the open-world first-person action game. The cooperative and role-playing elements should also return as well.

What makes "Dead Island 2" different is the story. Instead of being serious like "Dead Island," the development team decided to take a much lighter tone to the zombie outbreak. Furthermore, the game world is also much bigger as players will be able to explore the state of CA as opposed to a single island. Finally, the artificial intelligence of the zombies is going to be improved as the horde can now be alerted by certain sounds.

The "Dead Island 2" release date is currently expected to be set sometime during the spring season. Interestingly enough, "Dying Light," the spiritual successor to the first two games of the series, is slated to arrive in Feb. of next year. The new intellectual property plays similar to the first two games of the "Dead Island" series with several new elements such as the day-night cycle and free-running abilities.

With the original development team, Techland, working on "Dying Light," Deep Silver decided to enlist Yager Development to develop "Dead Island 2." Before the sequel, the development team worked on "Spec Ops: The Line," which was released in 2012. You can find an image featuring the new intellectual property with the photo on top of this article (courtesy of the "Dying Light" Twitter page).