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Dead horse, more abandoned animals found on Indiana farm

Horse rescuers
Horse rescuers
Associated Press

Investigators may file charges against the owner of a Ripley County, Indiana farm where one dead horse and several malnourished animals were discovered this week.

Deputies were called to an address on North County Road 900 West, near Osgood on Tuesday night, where a passerby spotted a dead horse and it's partially born fetus in the open field. Officials say it appears the mare died from complications of the birthing process.

The next day, the sheriff's department, along with rescuers from several animal groups, came back to the farm, which is about an hour to the west of Cincinnati. They took a stud horse, two yearlings, two donkeys, and three other mares, who are believed to be impregnated, from the farm. They were severely malnourished.  The animals are at an undisclosed location where a licensed veterinarian will evaluate them and monitor their food intake.

Deputies say the farm appears to be abandoned.  The owners were allegedly approached by volunteers from PAAIN (People Assisting Animals in Need), which is an animal rescue organization located in Batesville, in December. At the time there were seven adult dogs and three puppies in need of care on the property. After several unsuccessful attempts to help the owners, the dogs were seized. One was euthanized, the rest were nursed back to health and adopted out.

Officials have not released the names of the owners.