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'Dead' Filipino Toddler Wakes Up In Her Coffin (Video)

An amazing YouTube video captures the moment a "dead" 3-year-old girl awakes in her coffin as her family was preparing her for burial at a local church in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

Video shows a dead baby waking up in her coffin in the Philippines
ishareyoushareweshare @YouTube

The dramatic video, taken by a mourner with a mobile phone, shows the moment family members realize the unidentified toddler opens her eyes, after being pronounced dead just hours before.

The stunned crowd lifts the little girl from the coffin, wraps her in a blanket as a man cradles her in his arms and rushes from the church. The short video ends with a shot of the tiny coffin being closed tight as the crowd exultantly bears the child away, presumably to a nearby hospital.

The child had been pronounced dead on Friday morning after slipping into a coma and becoming unresponsive. It's not clear if the child had been declared dead by a doctor, but, apparently, some vital signs obviously had been overlooked.

Had the child not shown signs of life at that moment, it's likely she would have been buried alive, as the funeral was set to take place the next day and the family was making final preparations, including the administering of Last Rites, prior to burial.

The incident is apparently a rare occurrence of what is known as "Lazarus Syndrome", which, according to Wikipedia, is "the spontaneous return of circulation after failed attempts at resuscitation." The condition "takes its name from Lazarus who, according to the New Testament, was raised from the dead by Jesus."

The fact that this happened in a church is causing local and worldwide media to call the, so far, unidentified child a "Miracle Baby", but, miracle or not, the family is rightfully overjoyed by the astounding outcome, caught on video, possibly, for the first time.

Hopefully, the child is getting proper medical care and attention, with a diagnosis which will prevent this from happening again.

Click the video to have a look at this amazing moment when a "dead" child comes back to life.

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