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Dead dolphins on Peru beaches: Death of 400 dolphins baffle scientists

Dead dolphins have been found along the beaches of northern Peru, with more than 400 dead dolphins at last count. Scientists are trying to identify what has caused this mass beaching of dolphins, but nothing definite has been found to indicate a single cause of death for all the dolphins, according to on Feb. 3.

Dead dolphins have washed up on the shores of Peru. There are about 400 that have come ashore in the last 2 weeks.
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While finding hundreds of dead dolphins might sound alarming, this is not the first time in recent years that dolphins have come ashore on the beaches of Peru. In 2012 double the number of these dead creatures were scattered along the same beaches. Nothing back then was found to be the culprit to kill all 800 of the gentle beings.

In the last two years dolphins have been found dead along an 88 mile stretch of beaches from Pimentel to Illescas. A team of scientists from Peruvian Sea Institute have been sent to the area to find out why the dolphins are beaching themselves.

Scientists have taken tissue samples from the dolphin carcasses, but so far nothing has been reported. The scientist were able to distinguish that some of the dolphins came ashore and died, while others died at sea and they washed ashore. This still doesn't offer up a cause of death.

Theories of how these dolphins died are ranging from eating toxic algae to fishermen throwing dead dolphins back into the water after getting caught in their nets. Fishermen have reported to the team investigating the dolphin die-off that it is a regular occurrence for the dolphins to get caught in their nets and die.

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