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Dead deer insurance scam nets $5 million: 41 charged including police officer

An elaborate insurance scam using deer carcasses has 41 people in Philadelphia facing charges today including insurance adjusters, a tow truck driver, a city official, a body shop owner and a police officer. It seems that when people came into an auto body shop run by Ronald Galati Sr. they got some lucrative advice. After an accident involving hitting another car, Galati directed them into claiming it was a deer that they hit, according to MSN News on May 29.

Deer used to scam insurance company for $5 million and 41 people are now facing charges in this scam.

The reason behind this was to scam the insurance agencies so they wouldn’t raise the premiums on the insurance. Hitting a deer would be considered “no fault,” so the insurance premiums of the driver would not go up.

Galati kept dead dear, fur and blood at the shop for props when he needed to show proof of a deer being hit. Along with the professionals charged in this case, Galati’s wife, son and daughter were also charged, according to the Detroit Free Press today. It sounds as if many people were on board with this insurance scam.

Apparently this wasn’t just a few saved premiums, as Galati is accused of running a $5 million insurance scam out of his auto body shop. Galati’s attorney, Anthony Voci, said he hadn’t seen the grand jury presentment, so he couldn’t comment on the charges at this date, but he did say that his client is “innocent until proven guilty.”

Insurance premiums going up after an accident has been a major bone of contention for decades among consumers. You pay high premiums for the insurance and even if you don’t make a claim for years, it seems that the minute you do the premiums skyrocket.

It is not known if Galati was doing this as a Robin Hood-like good deed or if he was allegedly getting money for supplying the fake deer scenario complete with blood, cuts and fur. This is reported as a $5 million scam, so that’s an awful lot of deer crashes reported.

Did someone notice the extraordinary amount of deer collisions in the area? It is not known how this alleged scam was brought to light.

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